(ANNOUNCEMENT) Searching for Moderators. WE WANT YOU!

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(ANNOUNCEMENT) Searching for Moderators. WE WANT YOU!

Post  KasukaNaKaori on Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:00 pm

ATTENTION! Calling all 'Kakikomi Shakai' members!
The forum needs you!

I (XiiChanNyu) am searching for moderators for the forum, that will have to keep the forum active and help to manage it.

I'm searching moderators for each one of the forums, and this means:

-Writer's Corner
-The Playground
-The Coffee Shop
-The Art Exposition

And a moderator that will help making fun activities and contest in the forum, that will be the 'General Forum Activities' moderator.

Of course, to be a moderator, you have to agree to these following rules:

-Be responsible with your moderator work. We wouldn't like to see you applying for moderator and then dissappearing through the forum and doing nothing.
-Take your role seriously. This is not a joke.
-Be an active member of the forum.
-Have knowledge of the forum that you're going to manage, and keep the category of the forum active besides of just managing the older posts.
-Be creative! Because being a moderator is more than managing a quantity of posts.

If you've readed these rules, and you've agreed to them, in the question of the form.that asks 'Did you real the rules?' reply "I LIKE TRAINS ._." just like how it's written.

Now, onto the form. If you are going to apply for a moderator, fill it out and send it to me through PM. Messages here in the post WON'T be taken in mind.


-Forum you'd like to manage
-Why do you want to be a moderator?:
-Did you read the rules?:


Simple as that.
Now, I'd like to thank you for your help, interest, and patience on reading this.

See you!


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