Could I...? Help me..? :D

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Could I...? Help me..? :D  Empty Could I...? Help me..? :D

Post  Kittifufu on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:08 pm

Oi, guys, think I could post a "third chapter" to one of my stories of BTT on here and see anyway I could improve on it?

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Could I...? Help me..? :D  Empty Re: Could I...? Help me..? :D

Post  KasukaNaKaori on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:45 pm

Hey~ c:
Well, of course you can! But it depends. If it's a new story (less than 2 weeks have passed since it was posted), feel free to post it in the 'Updates' forum, but if it have passed more than 2 weeks since you've submitted it to 'Zilla, then you can post it in your Writer's corner, which if your don't have, you can open it anytime you feel like doing it. There you can also receive and request for feedback c:

If you don't know what's a Writer's corner yet, it's like an index to all the Quizilla stories you'd like to showcase. So, that means that you don't have to post ALL your stories on it.
And of course, you're free to update it everytime you post something new :3

If you need some ideas on creating your Writer's corner, here you have an example. Remember that it's not needed to be like that. The design and organization it's all up to the creator :3Uu

I hope this helped!


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Could I...? Help me..? :D  Oneroomdiscoblinkie

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