[IMPORTANT!] You CAN revive your lost works from Quizilla.

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[IMPORTANT!] You CAN revive your lost works from Quizilla.

Post  yesbutterfly on Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:01 am

Hello members of this forum and FailQuizilla. I know I have not written in the introduction section and will do very shortly but I saw this as more important then making a introduction post as I know that many of you are upset about your stories being lost and so made this account to help pass this info around.

I saw this today and thought you might be interested though you have to act quickly, here is a link to the actual source of where I obtained this information; http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/19392000/how-to-retrieve-your-lost-works-it-works-8d

This was originally written by LinaC on Quizilla.

How to retrieve your lost works! IT WORKS!! 8D

Type down the full name of the story you have been writing in the Google Search tab, and click search! You will get all the chapters listed down! Though don’t click the blue underlined bar, click the icon button which says ‘in cache’, and you will see it appear! Very Happy Then you can copy/paste it into a document, and save it back onto your computer/harddrive! X3

LARGE THANKS to Angelxgirl5 for telling me this! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to tell all you lovely people about this! It’s definitely worth the shot, so go for it if you want to retrieve your lost works! 8D

That will be all for the time being! It's not the same as restoring your profile to its original state, but at least you'll have your stories back! Very Happy Have a great day people! And thanks again Ash-chan!!!

Att. LinaC

In other words;
1) Take the title of your story and type it into google. You should see all the results for your story/quiz title BUT DON'T CLICK ON THE PAGE LINK.
2) Instead click on the Cache link and your story will or should appear like it originally did before it was erased.
3) Copy and paste your story into a document and save it.
4) There you have it. You should have your stories back.

Just as a warning I'd advise you not to try and click on the actual link to the story otherwise you may NOT be able to view the story under cache.

I hope this helps a great deal of writers here get their works back. I know several of you on here by your Quizilla name - though you do not know me directly, I had made an account on there to hopefully share my stories but now that this has happened I'll stick to other sites I can trust.

I wish you all the best luck in the future and will still be watching those that I can on other places. I am now off to the introduction post area so I can formally introduce myself (I apologize if this is 'wrong' to have done this the opposite way around).

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Re: [IMPORTANT!] You CAN revive your lost works from Quizilla.

Post  silverrose13/psychoyuki on Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:31 am

Wonderful. I'm sure this will help anyone who hasn't backed up their work onto their computers before this. But this is only good until Google updates.

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