"Where the hell did my stories go?!"

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"Where the hell did my stories go?!"

Post  KasukaNaKaori on Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:56 pm

Attention. Kakikomi Shakai.
As much of yourselves have noticed, Quizilla has deleted every creation that was submitted in the 2002-2010 periods.
I guess that most of yourselves are upset, sad, or already wanting to kill the site administrators.

Now, what happens with me, XiiChanNyu?
I'll take this while to move.
No. Not move from Quizilla. I have a very deep affection to the site to move (Even thought of all these stupid things that happen), and besides of, I don't know where to stay. I don't feel that belong to fanfiction.net, I've NEVER learned how to use Blogspot.com or Livejournal.com, I have a Lunaescence account, but It's a tough work for me to get a story in there... So, I guess I'll just change of account.
I have to admit that in all these times in Quizilla, I've been having the need of start again. Now is the time (POLYSICS much?) to do this.
If you want to find me, my new username is 'KasukaNaKaori'. I'll also change my Kakikomi Shakai username, to don't get you confused. Later I'll edit this post with my new Quizilla account link.

For you, Are there solutions for this?
Well... I'll list you the possible ones. You are free to take the solution you want.

1.- Take Microsoft Word and make it starting from today, your best friend. So if someday this happens again, you won't take the lack of re-writing everything again.

2.- Move of your account. Just what I'm doing right now. There's nothing better than a fresh start.

3.- Move from Quizilla. If you feel like doing that, there are many sites you can go. Examples? Fanfiction.net, Blogspot.com, Livejournal.com, Lunaescence... And also, DeviantART might work.


A thing that I've did, was sending a comment to the site administrators.
I don't think that they'll read it, but, if the site is giving us signals that it stills alive, I feel okay.

Here's what I've written:

Dear Quizilla Administrators:

I've been a Quizilla user for not so much time, but I already have a big affection to the site. I'm a writer here, and when today I've logged in and noticed that all my stories have been deleted, I've became completely pissed off.
What's the point of doing this? Most stories of mine don't have more than 2 years, and it's the same with VARIOUS writers here.

I'll believe you if the stories have more than 5 or 6 years since posted, but... posted just LAST YEAR? That's not fair.

I'm not asking you to give our stories back, but it would be great if you did that. Thought, the main purpose of this, was express my humor and reaction at this.

Thanks for reading.

As users, I want to let you know that myself as an administrator, I'll give you all the support that you need to put up again your Quizilla account, or if you are moving, your new house, and i'm sure that all your mates in the forum too. Need help? Feel free to ask all the users. In 'The Writing Society' forum, there is a small corner where you can ask for a little S.O.S.
What happened to Quizilla was exactly like a virtual earthquake. We lost important things, but at least, nothing has been lost.

Thanks for your attention, and remember: Relax and be calm. That's the most important thing to overcome the adversity, even the littlest one

~KasukaNaKaori. AKA: XiiChanNyu.
Forum Administrator.


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