Hetalia AMVs ( °٢° )

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Hetalia AMVs ( °٢° )

Post  Ling Lariat on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:58 pm

The title is self explanatory but I'll explain it. :3

Well I did found these AWESOME AMVs on YouTube about Hetalia and other animes and thought to myself "Hey, why not post these on Kakikomi?"

So I made this topic. (´・ω・`)
Note: This forum is only for Hetalia AMVs. By the way, these vids are not mine, they are from the website Nico Nico and I give credit to the creators (Who ever they are...)

Durarara!! and Hetalia anyone? Wink

I love this video! This features the Nordics (Mainly Denmark), France, Prussia and England.
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