Welcome to Mizu-chan's FanFic corner~! *゚o゚)ノ*゚o゚)ノ*゚o゚)ノ

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Welcome to Mizu-chan's FanFic corner~! *゚o゚)ノ*゚o゚)ノ*゚o゚)ノ

Post  Ling Lariat on Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:49 am

*Le gasp* Welcome~! You earn yourself a present for coming here! (>ω<*)ノノ田♥

Ahem, well as you can see... I write for the anime Hetalia. But later on I will write for other animes and series such as Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Vocaloid, Baccano! and so on.

Drabbles, One Shots, Series

Ṧize aᶯd Ṧhape|Ṅorᵈics Complete (NordicsXReader)
ᴬⓦᵏwarᵈ|ᶫithᵘₐnia Complete (Crack!Pairing HKXLithuania)
ℰᵞℯᶳ |Ⓢeborgⓐ Complete (SeborgaXWy)

One Shots
₮ḁṧẗἔ| Ớsaкα Complete (OsakaXReader) Implied smut


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