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(RULES) General Forum Rules Empty (RULES) General Forum Rules

Post  KasukaNaKaori on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:02 am

Simple, but they say everything. Please, read them before start posting in the forum.


1.- After you join, make your introduction post in the 'Welcome!' forum. Remember that to join you don't need to have a Quizilla account, and you don't have to join with your Quizilla nickname~

2.- If you're a writer, please, just Anime writers. We don't mind the fandom or the type of story. I don't do it to discard. It's just to keep the focus of the forum.

3.- Treat all the members good. No racism, flaming, personal attack or bashing allowed. Remember: Don't do the others what you don't want they to do you.

4.- No hackers. If you're here to ask someone's password, then go away. Thanks.

5.- Even thought we don't mind sexual-themed posts, please, NO PORNOGRAPHY OR HENTAI. AT ALL. Take in mind that there are underaged users in the forum. These things mean images or videos with explicit sex in it. Because pornography and 'Smut' or 'Lemon' stories are two very different things.

6.- Make all the posts in the right forum, or otherwise they'll be moved.

7.- DON'T COPY OR CLAIM THINGS AS YOURS. This goes for stories, images, and other things in the forum. Say no to the copycats!

8.- About the Avatars and Signatures topic, I don't mind as long they don't stretch the forum. In other words, please, NOT TOO BIG. In the Signatures topic, you are allowed to put up just a signature. The rest (Text, little images, etc.) it's all up to you.


Have fun! c:


(New signature coming soon!)

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